• Limit for cyclomatic complexity check can be adjusted using the goodpractice.cyclocomp.limit option, default 50 (#132, @fabian-s).
  • The number of lines printed to the console by each check result can be set using the new positions_limit parameter into print() - previously it was always 5 lines (#130, @fabian-s).
  • GitHub Actions now used for CI/CD checks (#145), as well as to calculate code coverage with {covr} and build the package site with {pkgdown}.


  • Documentation for custom checks significantly improved (#133, @fabian-s).
  • Year updated in LICENSE, and added to clarify that {goodpractice} uses the MIT license (#144).

First CRAN release.

  • added 2 vignettes
  • added examples
  • added tests
  • added pkgdown site
  • fixed check on library/require calls on windows
  • wrapped prep steps in try

First public release.